"Pozwól sobie pomóc, kolorami szczęścia pomalować swój świat"

"Życie stanie się piękniejsze - gdy zobaczysz piękno w sobie"

"Nigdy nie jest za późno na naprawę krzywd i błędów"

"Twój plan na życie – kochać i być kochanym"


Professional psychotherapist in London

Welcome on my website of a professional and experienced psychotherapist in London. Here you will find the information you need - who I am and how I help people. You will also find all the necessary contact details if you'd like to contact me.

Taking into account the still increasing problem of addictions and violence among Poles I have created the project called ‘Wsparcie’ (Eng. ‘Support’). The project has been set up within Polish Psychologists' Association. I have been gathering scientific experience in the field of Dysfunctional Families. As an assistant in The Institute of Applied Psychology I give lectures on postgraduate psychology studies as well as on UTW within social pathology. I am the professional mediator and negotiator. In the family therapy issues I often make use of mediation techniques which turn out to be extremely helpful and valuable in solving conflicts and various disputes.


Who do I help?

If you've experienced some kind of violence you can always contact me - I offer help for anyone who has some problems. In particular, I can help:

  • people suffering from differnet kinds of violence,
  • people using drugs and other stimulants,
  • adult children whose parents are alcoholics,
  • family members who experience different kinds of breakdowns,
  • parents and baby-sitters who have pedagogical problems with their children,
  • people with the posttraumatic stress disorder,
  • people who are depressed,
  • those who suffer from culture shock (who do not cope with living in the UK),
  • all those who want to be listened or to talk about their everyday problems, doubts and dreams,


How do I help?

I listen carefully, I don't criticise and I don't judge - I do anything to keep the maximal level of comfort and privacy. I respect individuality of each person to understand him or her in the best possible way.

I help by:



Price for an individual client - from £35 to £45 per session

Price for a couple - from £40 to £50 per session




Great for those who are shy and prefer talking anonimously.


Price for a single meeting - £30

We can offer you also phone calls twice a week for £150



An ideal solution for those who prefer staing in home rather than attending meetings. My Skype nick is: psychologist02@hotmail.com.


Price for a single session - £35 for an individual client

Price for a single session - £40 for a couple

Special offer for monthly E-sessions for £200 - Skype sessions twice a week

For couples the price of a monthly E-session is £250


  • E-MAIL

You can also write about your problems by sending E-mails to me. It is a very comfortable and easy way of exchanging information and helping people.


Price for a single E-mail - £30

£150 pack of ten E-mails valid for 3 months